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Your Path to a Happier and Healthier Mind.

New Therapy Office in Cowley ! 



Welcome to Oxford Mind Therapy.
Based in my new therapy office in Cowley,
Oxford Mind Therapy is here to help access many forms of help and counselling.
Benefiting from years of experience helping clients with anxiety, depression, fear and phobia, overcoming past trauma and guiding them into good life choices like quitting smoking and other substance abuse. There's also a ground breaking and highly effective weight management program, relief from chronic pain, and help with relationships too.
Using many techniques from counselling, through to CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), NLP (neuro- linguistical programming) and solution focused hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, your treatment will be tailored to you specifically. 
Face to face appointments are available in my comfortable 
modern clinic in Oxford, or working online via Zoom, Teams, Skype and other video platforms, and some, counselling for instance, can be completed as a phone call. The choice is 
there to suit your needs.
Treatments start from just £40
A FREE initial consultation is offered to every Client. This will help me gather the information needed to assist you in the best and fastest way possible.

You can take a look around the site to see the services and treatments offered and click on the one that you think suits your needs best, to find out more.
If you require any further information, please do get in touch.
I look forward to hearing from you and helping you get back to your best.
Simon Anthony Braham




Services & Treatments

Banish that crippling Anxiety
ReBoot Logo.PNG
Sweeping away past traumatic events
Changing your relationship with food, 4ever
Solutions to Male issues
help with recovery from depression
forget fear & phobia
Quit smoking, alcohol & substance abuse
Making chronic pain a thing of the past
Help with any type of relationship issues

Has Anxiety taken over your life?

Are you frustrated by constant worry and fear?

Maybe you spend your time in a continuous state of panic....

It's no fun. It's crippling.

The Re:Settle program has

helped countless people in regaining control of their

emotional wellbeing.


Click below to book your FREE initial consultation.


In this world, it's a sad fact we are seeing more and more people suffering from deep depression.

It's something to be taken seriously, and we do, very much so.

It can sneak up gradually until we realise we are sinking without means to pull ourselves out. 

The Lift provides a drug free route out of Depression and low mood.

Click below to book your FREE initial consultation.

The Lift
ReBoot Logo.PNG

We all have things in life we'd rather forget... but if these bad or painful memories are beginning to control your everyday, it's time to sweep them away.

Sure, you'll still remember it, but you can go through life without it affecting you.

Re:Boot is particularly effective for those with a specific traumatic event that they'd rather be free from too.

Click below to book your FREE initial consultation.


No matter how irrational our fears and phobias may be, they can still have a very detrimental effect on our lives.

Human beings are only programmed to be afraid of two things... every other phobia is either created by us, or learned from others.

FEAR LESS helps you rewind your mind to a time it just didn't trouble you.

That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Click below to book your FREE initial consultation.


First things first...

Slim4Sure4Ever is NOT a diet!

We all know they rarely work in the long term.

This program works with your incredibly powerful unconscious mind to change the way you think about and act with food.

We all have the necessary tools to be the size and shape nature intended us to be- we often choose to ignore it. 

So Slim4Sure4Ever reconnects us to this. 

It's highly effective for those wishing to gain weight too.

Click below to book your FREE initial consultation.

We have probably already seen first hand the devastation that addiction can cause to a person and their loved ones.
I'm really not going to dwell on it. But if you know that something is out of your control, it's time to get it back.
Addiction from anything to a simple bad habit like nail-biting to the abuse of hard drugs, and everything in between, can leave us feeling like we've let ourselves and others down.
Take the first step today.
Click below to book your FREE initial consultation.

Yep... Men suffer too...

In times past though, found it difficult to admit, let alone seek help. Thankfully this has changed dramatically in the past few years which is why I developed a program designed specifically around the issues that confront Men only.

From matters of the heart to problems with all kinds of "performance", it's all covered. 

So for help with all things "blokey"....

Click below to book your FREE initial consultation.

Pain. Constant, Chronic Pain.
Invisible to most, but surely on of the most devastating daily conditions there is.
Of course there are pain killers, but they aren't always affective and even if they are, in the long term this could lead to further health problems. More and more people are now being prescribed powerful and damaging opiates and it's a true worldwide problem.

What if there was a way to rid ourselves of the pain messages we no longer need? 

Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy does just that.
Usually in a single session.

Click below to find out more and book your FREE initial consultation.
Relationships are complicated.
And sure, everyone will have their fair share of challenging ones. But sometimes, things can go a step further than either party is going to be able to cope with. It's because we care, right?
Any relationship can be affected, whether it's a marriage, partnership, or friends and family, the best thing you can do to show you really care is by admitting you may need a little help to get back on track.
Click below to book your FREE initial consultation.


(All reviews are posted with clients' consent and are in accordance with our privacy policy. Click on the right to read)

*Trigger Warning. Some reviews feature content that some may find uncomfortable. Click here             to return to the homepage.

Find out what people have said about........

".....I am quite literally astonished at how quickly Simon was able to stop my negative thinking and bring reason and calm back into my life. Sure I still have problems to deal with, but I do it so calmly now. I barely recognise the person I was a few weeks ago. Panic attack? What's one of them?  I'm eternally thankful."
KW, Faringdon.
"Simon was recommended to me at undoubtedly the lowest part of my life. I had tried everything but really didn't want to be here anymore.
His professional skill and expertise in truly understanding my plight turned my life completely around.
Words cannot say how grateful myself and my family are. Thank you, Sir."
RJ, Cowley.
"I was 2 years out of a toxic and abusive relationship and
woke every night in fear. Nightmares and flashbacks were causing untold anxiety and were exhausting.
I'd heard about Simon and decided I'd see if he could help.
To say I was amazed is an understatement. I was nervous but immediately put at ease and within a couple of sessions, those bad memories have no power."
LT, Abingdon
"I contacted Simon for my phobia of deep water. It had always been there but now my son was old enough to go swimming I felt bad that I could never go with him. In just 1 session the fear seems to have gone and I can't wait to take my son to the pool!"
***UPDATE..... Went swimming with my family yesterday for the first time since I can remember. It was amazing! No fear whatsoever. My family couldn't believe it."
SJ, Oxford
"So today sees 10 weeks since I started Slim4Sure4Ever. And although I haven't had a session for 5 weeks, Simon still checks in weekly to see how I'm doing. Today I was able to say I'd hit the 2 stone weight loss mark! My fat percentage is down 20% too!
I'd love to say it's all down to my will power but I really can't.. I've never felt like I've been on a diet (tried and failed so many times!),
I'm not deprived anything yet the weight keeps falling off. I can't believe how things have changed. I'm so happy. The best decision I've ever made!"
LG, Oxford.
"Honest review. I'm not going to lie, I was destroying myself with hard narcotics. Basically anything I could get my hands on. I was stealing from anyone I could to fund it. I had alienated my entire family and circle of good friends, and got in with the wrong ones.
I'd lost partner, my job and my car. Luckily my mum provided a home as long as I got help. That help came from Simon. It's been a journey but I know I'll never use again. Life is good, and I have a future."
MG, Witney.
"Mindblowing!  In one 45 minute video session, Simon has been able
to reduce the 9 year old pain in my shoulder by about 95% !!!!
Even my range of movement is better and with the help of some gentle exercise, will only get better.
I don't care what he says- he's some kind of bloody magician!
But I'm very glad I sought him out!
Don't suffer. Call him"
BT, Kidlington.

Enquiry & Booking

I'm happy to provide any further information you may need, and book your free initial consultation via any of these methods....

Use this button to call or text or dial 07789950995. If you need to leave a voice message, Just supply your name and a contact number. You don't need to give any further information at this stage.
Use this button to send an email, or manually email
This is useful if you'd like to include more information.
Click the chat icon in the bottom right anywhere on the site to open a live chat. 
I will respond as quickly as I can. Usually within 2 hours.
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You can use Facebook messenger if it's your preferred method of contact. Click on the icon to be taken to my Facebook page and access it from there. I find this the most convenient.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Simon Anthony Braham

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